Steele x Hatrik: La Vie Est Belle:

La Vie Est Belle, or for those less French, 'Life Is Beautiful'...isn't it just? A fitting time to reflect on the year that was, and if beautiful isn't the perfect adjective for the hindsight then make it next year's ethos.Whether it's a gift to remind someone special that life is in fact full of beauty, or a treat-yourself moment, head over to the Steele website to get yours exclusively.

Sophia Athas
China Girls Who Make Bikinis

Hong Kong in a (uni break) nutshell…

Our first time to this ex pat playground and what a beautiful hustle it was. Staying in Causeway Bay, we had Times Square at our doorstep, Central up the road and the fabric-lovers dream, Kowloon across the water. While the main purpose of the five day trip was predominantly for fabric sourcing and trim shopping, we snuck as many dumplings and trips to Comme Des Garçon as we could in between- naturally. 

Σοφία: Greek By Blood

If the crowds were anything to go by, Gus was right, there are two kinds of people in the world- Greeks, and everyone else who wish they were Greek. When you find yourself in a place as beautiful as Greece, you want to bundle it up, take it home and hope it never changes upon return. Being half Greek myself, it struck a cord within- and not just on the taste palette. The itinerary consisted of the travel magazine Island getaway, with the centre fold a spread of white washed houses, aqua blue water and a Michelin star banquet to satisfy cravings. Local produce still exists, with tomatoes sweeter than berries and saganaki style cheese an obvious Apollo inspiration. 


In the spirit of winter, albeit frostier and cold outside, we took to the road to create an east coast vintage curation. The new drop of Hatrik Vintage boasts peasantry silhouettes, subtle lace and a hint at that YSL inspired grunge. It's when four very different characters play dress ups out of the back of a Ford 1969 XP, that something magical happens.