Brooke And The Bees

I thought I would take this opportunity to confirm my current love (or infatuated romance, whichever you prefer) for Gucci's resort collection. If you follow @hatrikkk there seems to be a common thread of pattern-on-pattern action, embroidered denim and 'inspo' uploads which are, in reality, the pieces I wish I had myself. Last year the blinged-up Italian design house took one of the biggest risks in their fashion career, appointing young designer Alessandro Michele  (nonetheless trained by Tom Ford and Fendi) as creative director. He debuted his first collection for the brand last September, with phone-stopping runway performances, introducing the front row (and all of us behind) to a new found street style. From that moment, renaissance ruffles and over-sized pussy bows became coffee-date acceptable, while embroidered denim made a come back and monochrome was well, non-existent (about freaking time- #BORING).

Alessandro pushed more than just the overlocker machines, he talks to gender representation and how each piece can be for anyone- male, female and everyone in between. You only need to take one look at the Pre-Fall film to see girl on girl action and men in skirts. There are mis-matched classic silhouettes, with a vintage after taste, giving us all a teaser when fur trimmed loafers were acceptable while poolside. Alessandro didn't simply shun the Gucci look, adding bright spots of inset leather hearts and stars, chunkier gold straps and flora and fauna motifs across tailored classics. My favourite? The 'Bright Spot' leather backpack with western leather detailing and a red heart hanging from the iconic 'Gs' for fastening.

So as you can tell by now, i'm an avid fan of Michele, the brand and his bees, creating the perfect opportunity to put my dear girl Brooke Testoni in a Gucci inspired custom denim piece for MBFWA. With bangs, flares and pastel pink as her go-to colour palette, it's Bridgette Bardot with a 24-70mm slung around her shoulder- if only that was my morning coffee date (sorry Brooke). So when Gucci's resort 16 collection is out of fashion and financial reach, we created our own, featuring hand beaded floral motifs and the bold little bee perched on across the back. It seemed black denim was all the rage when customisation came in store, but i'm urging you to get on this Gucci train- because like Michele showed us in September last year, the brand will no doubt change its look before we can post the snapchat to prove it.

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