So, when you think Rome, its Lizzy McGuire circa 2002 in purple lycra, dancing across the stage of the Colosseum lip syncing 'What Dreams Are Made Of'. Well, sadly, our trip fell short of the stunning performance outlined above, but it delivered in other categories outlined below: 

FOOD: I wish I could provide a day-by-day Roma meal plan, but admittedly we went back to the same trattoria nearly every night (it was open for Brunch but most couldn't stomach pasta for all three meals).  Each night at 11pm, the old man (who, based off his arrogant service, we assumed was the owner) showed us into 'Narnia'- an underground speak easy bar where Limoncello replaced the lion.   

DRINK: an A+ in the spritz department, and not because it was the first *real* Italian Aperol of the trip, but because they were half the price than London and enjoyed in the company of our Swim team under the Spanish Steps. (More on Swim later)

SITE: We couldn't put our card details down quick enough, having impulsively booked the Air BnB labelled 'Trevi Fountain Apartment', gut instincts are often the best. Just off the street from the marble beauty, our three nights beneath it saw 2 proposals, 1 arrest, a hand full of coin tosses and just shy of a 35mm roll of the same god damn photo every time we walked past her. 

I've always been a hard copy girl, having preferred to write notes and not type, draw and not photograph, yet these e-diaries are a fresh way of reminiscing. In fact, Rome just climbed up my stunning-city-list,  and while sadly, no one found their Paolo, it was the quintessential start to a Euro trip. Lizzie, will be back. Ciao. 

Keeping Time with: Kate Spade

Film Photography: Ash Larden

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