A Fashion Week Memo: via Kate Waterhouse

To an extent Fashion Week is the same for all, 3G and batteries at full charge, vintage aviators for the pre-show pea-cocking and Gucci mules as part of the front row dress code. Albeit a tough task, finding a personal inspiration from each show is what the week should preach, leaving us all motivated to get up (and dressed) for Day 2. For me, my week was seen from both the front row and through my 24-70mm lens as Kate made content creating and photo editing all the more easy. 

World's apart from the vintage rock tees and studded boots my wardrobe boasts, I arrived each day to find Kate dressed to the nines, with not a pleat out of place and as chic as the day before. I can't help but think how lucky her girls are with all of this at their disposal. It seems even with a mini me on the way, Kate expresses her style through intricate layers of silk, 12 inch Alaila heels and her latest gold choker thanks to Net-A-Porter. While Kate takes her seat, my show is viewed from the media pit, where competing for that trophy shot means shoving, crawling and a lot of eyelash flickering. We saw Bec & Bridge put on another epic production, with pastel silks broken up with black cut out bikinis and the occasional sparkled mini dress. 'Resort' took all forms, and it seemed even the girl of the hour Miss Bella Hadid paired woollen trenches with satin corsets, not to mention our own Bambi launching her PJs line- legit! 

And after the show? It's the after party. For Kate and I that means hot chocolate breaks, shooting one of ten outfits we have on us and nailing the hashtag #streetstyle @mbfwa shot for Instagram.  While most are lucky if their Date With Kate lasts 45 minutes, last week went down as exhausting, inspiring and impressive all in the one upload, with hard drives and snapchats to prove it. Thanks Kate for being your humble and beautiful self, and here's to your next stellar outfit...babies included. 

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