You'll rarely catch me aimlessly surfing the Web. It was late one weeknight and after devouring textbooks and the after-taste of Taxation Law numbing my brain, I stumbled across the ASOS Student Editor application. Of course I didn't pick the traditional resume-to-interview-and-then-you're-done type job. Instead, videos were to be created, stop-motion was utilised and my best friends were (thankfully) at my disposal. The application revolved around current trends and how I personally tweak my wardrobe and styling. And alas, after rainy afternoons with Katherine and Phoebe on call, a photoshoot with my dearest muse Lottie and and Sal filling the beauty gap I so desperately lack- it all came together. Like kids in a dress up box, only this time it was fifteen years later and no fairy dress in sight. Admittedly, I have had little experience with film, but after some stop motion and a flat-lay creation, it became something really unique (and even more fun).

Chic wool coats, embroidery, suede and tailored blazers- we somehow jammed half my wardrobe into 45 seconds of video. If asked what my style was? Answer: 'all of the above'. After a few emails and a few too many scrolls of my Instagram feed, I am now proudly an ASOS Student Editor. Over the next few months nine students and myself will be creating articles, taking photos, covering events and bringing you all things fashion (and #asos) from our campuses across Australia.    

The other day someone asked me where i'd rather be, and if I told you I knew exactly, I would be lying. The scene in my head- New York City all year round and a full wardrobe at my disposal. So here's to more picture-taking, rainy afternoons, and that sporadic late night web browsing a few weeks back. 

I hope you enjoy this journey as much as I do! 

Stay tuned (and trendy), Sophia x


Enter Summer and a day-at-the-beach bag filled with more than just the perfect bikini. Pairing vintage one pieces with high waisted Levis will become a summer staple, getting you from the beach to the bar all in one outfit. The east coast boasts a casual chic, where frills are on tap and crochet is making a comeback. Watch below to check out how summer staples are styled, and with a little help from #asosoncampus floral prints are paired with more quirkier trinkets.