Le Vie Est Belle 

La Vie Est Belle, or for those less French, 'Life Is Beautiful'...isn't it just? A fitting time to reflect on the year that was, and if beautiful isn't the perfect adjective for the hindsight then make it next year's ethos.

Hatrik recently teamed up with the girls behind Melbourne label Steele to create a limited edition denim jacket as part of their current collection. The jacket features customised embroidered patches, in tones of pearly whites and pastel blues, with the french quote smeared around the edges. In true Hatrik style, each piece is hand embellished with matte sequins and fastened with tiny glass beads, ensuring each is unique and special for the wardrobe it ends up in. The epic Kate Waterhouse took the first one for a spin, styled with blinged up Gucci and Scanlan & Theodore linen. Amazing!

Whether it's a gift to remind someone special that life is in fact full of beauty, or a treat-yourself moment, head over to the Steele website to get yours exclusively. If you purchase a jacket #steelexhatrik and share your styling with us! It's back to the sewing machine for me, but here's to sore fingers, embroidered patches and Alessandro Michelle for reminding us that customised denim is still on point.

Sophia XX