NYFW: 2016

Lights, camera and...walk. 

Designers flock to the Big Apple and models get runway ready, yet when it comes to New York Fashion Week, it’s not just the industry affected by this whirlwind of an event. Roads were made into clear-ways and police pose on each corner herding the attendees from one venue to the next. Hotels are booked out in advance, and Uber prices are 4.5 the standard rate- no, I do not 'accept this rate.'

‘Street Style’ has become a show in itself, with bloggers, celebrities and even the photographers themselves posing outside each show. I suppose a pre-game warm up for what’s to come, and if you are one of the lucky ones who have a seat inside, a buffer zone for editing, tagging and uploading. It’s true. We live in a world dictated by free wifi and online identities, where the biggest workout is scrolling through an Insta feed and NYFW is simply identified by a ‘hashtag’ before it. Stepping into the venue is arguably the most exciting part, as each designer creates their unique worlds as nine months of sweat, tears and many many pins to see their collection finally hit the runway. Lights are dimmed and the music starts (props to you if you know the artist or the name of the song) and enter legs-eleven-model-one. She’s followed by an army of them, and if you’re lucky, a Karlie Kloss or in the case of Marc Jacobs, Lady Gaga appearing mid stride with the ‘look’ we all want- genius. 

And when you’re just about to put your phone down and get the camera out, it’s the finale. Every look comes together for the perfect curation of fashion eye candy as every frill, sequin and flared pant is on show for the industry to drool. This warrants (and deserves) an applause, and if you’re anything that’s worth remembering, even from Wintour herself. *See the March issue for more details (obviously!)

The buzz around town was something truly inspiring, as icons walked around sporting a new outfit on each block and photographers are seduced by colour, fur and silhouettes. Seeing the city in this light gave me a new appreciation for everyone involved in the industry and while criticism is common there’s no doubt that creativity remains at the core of it all. You definitely don’t need to be the next Manrepeller or Karl Lagerfeld, because it’s an ability in us all to express what we are inspired by, how we curate ideas and what influences us into doing just that. Even if you aren't part of this industry.

While monochrome was my look of the moment, it’s out with the black and in with the bold, because life is way to short to live without colour- and if Dello Russo is still rocking it at her age, then there’s no reason why I can’t now. 

So here’s to Fall 2016 darling, and hashtag New York Farshun Week. 

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