Without sounding cliche, denim is a Hatrik wardrobe staple. A term used lightly so as to avoid risking these special pieces falling into the common place back-of-the-wardrobe sort of piece. We swear by the main players: the vintage Levi 501s, a pair of high waisted shorts and of course the denim jacket. It's time to BYO a gold clasp vintage belt for the first few, and leave the custom details to us, all of which have collectively boasted more runway looks than Delevingne herself. Longevity is an understatement, with all of the below an investment opportunity with a return of five wears per week on average.

Vintage Levi 501s

Our new campaign sees denim from all angles, and white festival attire is on the cards, we are careful to steer clear of frays, rips and studs, because until the 80s trend rolls around again it's a simple 90s look we are loving. The #bohochic is no doubt toxic, and avoiding dressing like Timberlake's backup dancers circa 1994 is also a safe bet this Splendour. The 501s have undergone one of their own Fair Lady transformations, paired with a delicate waist belt, Gucci loafers and a lace top, it's classic and classy even in the mud. It gives reason to avoid the 1k price tag of the Jeans-of-the-moment (embroidered Gucci or double pocket Ventements), and if history is anything to go by, Levis will have you covered for decades to come. 

High Waisted Denim Shorts

Embrace this look while leaving enough for the imagination. We love the classics here, think Alexa Chung in a 1998 shade of blue denim, with a simple cotton tee and gold detailing speckled throughout. If there's reason to stand out, embrace the vintage patches, layer pastel love hearts with sparkled sequins on the bum, pockets and around the waist band. 

The Denim Jacket

If you're a follower, the denim jacket is our piece of the moment, and that one denim staple that doesn't require the squirming on the bed and sister help to get them on. The more oversized the better and more points for rips, shreds and tassels hanging off from all angles. We saw Alessandro inspired by custom denim in the latest Gucci campaign, launching a DIY embroidery station in their flagship Milan store. Meanwhile, YSL's new head designer patches butterflies onto classic blue hues, and whoever thought about repeated lion heads across denim bomber jackets- genius. 

Get creative, think flamingos, blush pinks and bold names across your favourite denim piece this season, and when the time comes to hang them up, it will undoubtedly find a place at the front of a wardrobe, simply for novelty purpose. 

Shop the looks below or order a custom jacket.

Custom Denim Inspiration...

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