In the spirit of winter, albeit frostier and cold outside, we took to the road to create an east coast vintage curation. The new drop of Hatrik Vintage boasts peasantry silhouettes, subtle lace and a hint at that YSL inspired grunge. It's when four very different characters play dress ups out of the back of a Ford 1969 XP, that something magical happens. 

A vintage wardrobe rarely enjoys a 'trend' or ' must have look of the moment', but rather the more favoured pieces creep to the front with the hopes of finding a place next to the current fast fashion. We find the vintage pieces are always a stand out, so finding unique cuts, special fabrics and statement pieces is a step above from the local Top Shop, while still remaining in the budget.  

For us, this vintage season we are looking for black denim rather than the classic light blue, this means 501s and high waisted shorts, all stamped with the brand's infamous patch with room for vintage embroidery and of course sequins. In the top department it's all about a lace long sleeve Cami, perfect for layering over a denim overall dress or tucked into a tight a-line skirt. In the coat department we have leopard print making a bold statement and bringing a spiritual sense of adventure to the road. While we want to avoid the boho chic for a more stylised and structured look, accessories are chunkier than ever, with oversized clip on earrings and crisp gold clasps. Layer these over your more subtle and every day pieces. 

It seems 'squad' reflects the modern day girl band or playground gang owing more to the label than each girl individually. In the creative department, we came together, styled outfits to each girl's character and welcomed the idea of a vintage road trip revolution.

Ladies, time to get in formation, continue the story of each piece, and help us in creating a sustainable and shared vintage wardrobe.

Shop the new products online at shop.hatrik.com now. 

Videography & Photography by @thelovelens Katie Epper & Ash Larden

Styling by Sophia Athas