Finding the perfect pair of jeans, often requires commitment (not just in the size department). Ask any denim-obsessed, DIY vintage lover and you’ll find them preaching to the denim heavens, that despite the skinny legs fitting in store, it's an inevitable battle to slip them on at home. And yes, boyfriend style included- because what female doesn't have a wider hip than their male counterpart? I do.

Yet, this love-hate relationship is what makes denim so appealing, it keeps us coming back for more, and it makes holding the spot at the top of the trends list that much easier. Recently, we played denim dress ups in Melbourne's Westfield Fountain Gate, as part of the #WFGdenimdreams push, curating outfits which revolved around the grunge, the romance, the chic and of course, the vintage. After all, that is the beauty of denim, too often the split-personality eccentric piece of our wardrobe, that we can't help, but loveeee.



Westfield Vintage Denim Dreams
Westfield Romance Denim Dreams
Westfield Chic Denim Dreams
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Westfield Grunge Denim Dreams
Sophia Athas