When You're Grey And Not Yet 25.


I pretty much came out of Mum with a head of curls.

It's about the most high maintenance part about me (I think). As a kid it was cute-AF ringlets that were wound so tight you could stick your finger through, but puberty hit and things changed. Frizz became my biggest nightmare and school meant mum spending the car-ride en route BRUSHING them back so tight I had what looked like bad botox around my hairline. Highschool came along, and I loved my GHD tongs more than my longterm boyfriend at the time. RIP.

Now? I turn 25 next week and have more grey hair than my Mum who made me. BUT I got the chop and my curls have never been more alive. If you live with the daily struggle of frizz-maintenance, or (like me) plan a salt-water swim the morning of a special event, just to ensure we don't have fly aways and frizz that night...I feel you.

Enter Lauren Checkley...someone who DOESN'T suffer from these experiences, but nonetheless has some go-to insights into HOW TO A) get rid of my grey and B) cut a curl like no other. She says:


Take the Spring Gold powder lightener (self toning) and 10vol alternating between just a hairline and part-of highlights, and full head balayage (every other appointment) to allow for lower maintenance. Perfect. Then, get your hands on the Chi Ionic Permanent Shine Hair Colour (which, FYI is ammonia free) For Sophia, it was Shade 6N with 20vol for the roots. Beautiful highly pigmented yet gentle on the hair to give full coverage to the greys (silvers, unicorn hair, salt and peppers... whatever you would like to call them) 


We used R+Co Gemstone Shampoo and R+Co Gemstone Conditioner for gentle cleansing and preservation of colour. Curls can never have enough love and tender care- use it every night.


When it came to the cut, we worked through soft transient layers and deep shaping around the face. This allowed for EXTRA bounce. Prepping with R+Co 5th Ave Blowout Balm and Twister Curl Primer. I diffused the hair to 85% and finishing with R+ Co Tinsel Smoothing Oil.

Going Going Grey
Glitter Drop .jpg
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Hair and Makeup By Lauren Checkley @lecheckleycreative 

Photography and Film by Kira Ollman @kiraceline