How We're Spending Our V-Day.


Dear Lovers…

I’m fresh off the plane and recovering from an 11 hr Sex And The City binge, a fitting choice considering it would be V-Day a few sleeps later. Despite being a universally celebrated occasion, the reactions are somewhat polarising, because you’re either in a relationship….or you aren’t? You’re either a Carrie Bradshaw, the hopeless romantic awaiting her prince (or new Vuitton bag) or a Samantha who warns ‘if you turn into one of those married assholes, I’ll kill you.’ You Pick.

My case in point, if we can’t all agree on what it means to be a valentine, we can agree that hearing about other nightmare experiences is a better way to spend the night, for both sides. Normally, when it comes to the worst of them, few places beat the silver screen- it’s not all just happy endings in their portrayal of the dating scene and heck- they had to get their ideas from somewhere?

 Me? I’m 25 and have had the same Valentine since I was 13. Boringgggggggg. Yesterday we asked Hatrik readers about their nightmare date stories- the good, the bad and the ugly. The reaction below…our real life Sex and The City script.

Driving home from a long day of work one evening, next thing I knew I was bonnet up and airbags out as a guy came from my right and crashed into me. Pulling out my wallet to exchange details, I didn’t realise we were in fact exchanging numbers to organise a date. A few days later and we’re sitting across the table for each other in what ended up being the world’s worst date. I’m not sure if was due to the fact he picked me up to avoid paying insurance, or he was 20 years older than me.
— Bad Driver
When I was 16, my bf at the time wrote me a note on the back of his pay slip that said, “you don’t need a gift for Valentine’s Day because you already know I love you.”...he gave me a Milky Bar and then I lost my virginity. I disappoint myself.
— 16 and Not-So-Sweet
I was set up on a blind date, she didn’t say a single word, it was awkward. Meal done, and she walked out. Sitting there alone, I checked my phone and had a text “sorry I can’t make it tonight, can we reschedule?”....then who the F was that?
— Blind AF

So, if your romantic reality started with a car crash and ends in walking out of a date altogether, take solace in the fact that you’re not the first, nor the last - and please for our sake, save the story for next year.

And as Samantha says…Happy F**king Valentines.