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Hong Kong in a (uni break) nutshell…

Our first time to this ex pat playground and what a beautiful hustle it was. Staying in Causeway Bay, we had Times Square at our doorstep, Central up the road and the fabric-lovers dream, Kowloon across the water. While the main purpose of the five day trip was predominantly for fabric sourcing and trim shopping, we snuck as many dumplings and trips to Comme Des Garçon as we could in between- naturally. 

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If the crowds were anything to go by, Gus was right, there are two kinds of people in the world- Greeks, and everyone else who wish they were Greek. When you find yourself in a place as beautiful as Greece, you want to bundle it up, take it home and hope it never changes upon return. Being half Greek myself, it struck a cord within- and not just on the taste palette. The itinerary consisted of the travel magazine Island getaway, with the centre fold a spread of white washed houses, aqua blue water and a Michelin star banquet to satisfy cravings. Local produce still exists, with tomatoes sweeter than berries and saganaki style cheese an obvious Apollo inspiration. 

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TRAVELSophia Athas

While Sydney crawls its way up the 'most expensive places to live' list, it's easy to forget the possibility of a Uni lifestyle, because lo and behold, student-friendly pockets exist and eating on a budget is on the cards! Being a food blogger's girlfriend comes with perks, where coffee and food are the centre of all agendas and #foodporn has become a pre-meal ritual. This means becoming experts at Sydney's food map, and i'm sure @nutorious_ will agree, a legitimate excuse to create our own bucket-list, each bite at a time. When asked by College Tourist where students (particularly from the U.S) should indulge while Down Under, these are the standouts Sydney boasts. 

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NYFW: 2016

Lights, camera and...walk. 

Designers flock to the Big Apple and models get runway ready, yet when it comes to New York Fashion Week, it’s not just the industry affected by this whirlwind of an event. Roads were made into clear-ways and police pose on each corner herding the attendees from one venue to the next. Hotels are booked out in advance, and Uber prices are 4.5 the standard rate- no, I do not 'accept this rate.'

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I'm not sure what's more important- the 50th year of Superbowl or getting your hands on the best twill coat since Coco Chanel circa 1954. It's game day here in the USA and just as we Aussies embrace our sport back home, its all eyes on the screen here today. Yet as the saying goes, 'only in America' as 105 million viewers tune in to watch the game, generating over 25.3 million tweets (#superball50) and according to CBS, approximately 100 million pounds of guacamole will be devoured. 

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