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I'm not sure what's more important- the 50th year of Superbowl or getting your hands on the best twill coat since Coco Chanel circa 1954. It's game day here in the USA and just as we Aussies embrace our sport back home, its all eyes on the screen here today. Yet as the saying goes, 'only in America' as 105 million viewers tune in to watch the game, generating over 25.3 million tweets (#superball50) and according to CBS, approximately 100 million pounds of guacamole will be devoured. 

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Like all New York winters, snow is inevitable, yet how much is never known and this year round saw not only the biggest snowfall in seventy years but for us visitors 48 hours we will never forget. The concrete jungle was blanketed in snow brought to you by Storm Jonas, bringing to halt one of the busiest cities in the world and forcing nearly 8.4 million people indoors. While back home we have the luxury of space (both indoors and outdoors) it's jam-packed here all hours of the day, so as one can imagine, the thought of spending two days indoors left us unmotivated, annoyed and really really hangry.

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Pardon the Katy Perry reference but its only fitting that after three weeks in her neck of the woods that I agree with the fact the golden coast was unforgettable. While the East is still a favourite of mine, spending time with the family travelling down the Big Sur was surreal. It was a bucket list moment and in hindsight the most underrated travel destination i’ve ever visited. God knows why it hasn’t made a Lonely Planet cover or graced the pages of The Porter's travel section, yet considering the lack of road space and an untouched natural beauty awaiting our interference, this can only be a good thing.

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